[ntp:questions] Re: Is my ntp server ok?

Ronan Flood ronan at noc.ulcc.ac.uk
Tue Jan 18 15:29:39 UTC 2005

Ruth Ivimey-Cook <ruth at ivimey.org> wrote:

> I think I must admit defeat in sorting out whether my ntp server is 
> working properly. It is a gateway server for a small network, with a 
> NATing router between it and the internet:
>   internal net}--[ntp/gateway]--[nat router]==={internet
> The gateway is running Linux - specifically Fedora Core 1, ntpd 4.1.2.
> I have tried to set it up, but it doesn't seem to synchronise well with 
> other servers. I am assuming this output from ntpq is bad:

You're right: no reachable servers.

> But perhaps this is more encouraging? But why so few entries?

Where's that one from?  It's a completely different list of servers.

> -------------------------------------------------------------------
>  ntp.conf
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
> # Prohibit general access to this service.
> restrict default ignore

That's likely the problem, as you don't open the restriction for your
servers as suggested in the comment:

> # --- OUR TIMESERVERS ----- 
> # 
> # restrict mytrustedtimeserverip mask nomodify notrap 
> noquery
> # server mytrustedtimeserverip

You're using pool servers and servers by name rather than specific
IP addresses, so getting the right restrict for them could be less
than straightforward.  You could try changing

  restrict default ignore


  restrict default nomodify notrap noquery nopeer noserve

and see if that helps.

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