[ntp:questions] Re: Questions and ruminations regarding NTPD 4 config and XP's bad behavior.

mayer at gis.net mayer at gis.net
Wed Jan 19 22:25:31 UTC 2005

elickd at one.net wrote:
> The following are my (slighly misformatted) notes when running
> (SCO) against my XP laptop; here are the interesting results:
> ntpdate -qd against my WinXP laptop. Interestingly, even though I had
> synchronized the previous day, the reference time reported is bogus.
> The date is Feb 7, 2036!
> -------------------------------------------------------------------

Upgrade. This problem was fixed in the NTP sources a year ago.\

> now sees my XP laptop running nothing more than the built in SNTP
> client as a valid stratum 4 time source!
> -------------------------------------------------------------------
The Microsoft SNTP client is known to be broken. Don't depend on
you may see with it.


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