[ntp:questions] Re: Q: obsolete ntp utility

mayer at gis.net mayer at gis.net
Wed Jan 19 23:05:26 UTC 2005

Karel Sandler wrote:
> 1. Which is the last version of ntpd where the obsolete ntp utility
> still included. It allowed to send a packet to a remote ntpd server
and the
> answer packet contained all four timestamps.
> 2. One of my timeservers runs ntpd-4.2.0 on Tru64 4.0D now, but the
> precision is only 2^^-10. For example the minimal jitter has always
> value, namely 0.976 ms. Probably I need to patch the kernel. The help
> somebody with similar Tru64 system will be greatly appreciated.
> Karek Sandler

What obsolete ntp utility. NTP builds on Digital Unix 4.0. We build
on it on the build farm practically every day. It runs fine.


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