[ntp:questions] Re: Questions and ruminations regarding NTPD 4 config and XP's bad behavior.

elickd at one.net elickd at one.net
Mon Jan 24 16:04:09 UTC 2005

For posterity, I'm including the outcome of my plight.

Apparently I was convincing enough; the admin. of the NTP servers in
question graciously removed the multicast line and added a "restrict
default noquery nomodify nopeer" stanza to their ntp.conf.  Apparently,
our 5 pages of ill behaved XP/SNTP boxes have dissapeared.

Only time will tell if the stability of our NTP hierarchy increases,
but if nothing else, a huge variable has been removed from my check
list of possible culprits.

I will undoubtedly refer to this newsgroup in the future, but I'd still
like to thank all of you who've lended a hand,

Douglas M. Elick

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