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Mon Jan 24 21:36:44 UTC 2005

Brad Knowles wrote:
> At 6:18 PM -0200 2005-01-19, Alain wrote:
> >  Sorry, I believe that my question was not clear: In which way will
> >  be handled? Skeweing or leaping?
> 	I'd have to check the source code, but I believe that the leap
> second is probably passed through to the underlying OS, which should
> be able to handle it.  In other words, nothing special is done other
> than identifying that a leap second will occur on the appropriate
> minute of the appropriate day of the appropriate month.

NTP is the one that decides how much to change the clock and
tells the O/S. Moving the clock backward by 1 second, which is
in effect what a leap-second does, can have major negative effects
on systems that depend on the time being a monotonically increasing

Having said that I haven't checked the code to see what it
actually does, but I'd be very surprised if it did the wrong


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