[ntp:questions] Re: drift?

Folkert van Heusden folkert at vanheusden.com
Wed Jan 26 18:22:02 UTC 2005

>> Is there a way to query the drift of an NTP-server over the network using,
>> e.g., ntpq?
> You mean the value of the ntp.drift file?
> I think "ntpdc -c loopinfo" gives that (frequency).

Are you sure? Because:
1 root at muur:/usr/src/ntp-4.2.0/parseutil$ ntpdc -c loopinfo localhost
offset:               0.092667 s
frequency:            -307.369 ppm
poll adjust:          6
watchdog timer:       1280 s

0 root at muur:/usr/src/ntp-4.2.0/parseutil$ cat /etc/ntp/drift

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