[ntp:questions] Re: drifting on crystal

David Monniaux monniauxtrash at quatramaran.ens.fr
Thu Jan 27 08:47:55 UTC 2005

> If you can live with ten or twenty milliseconds of error, you a probably 
> doing the right thing.  If you need to be closer than that you should 
> think about either fixing your problems with GPS, with DST, or both.  
> You might also want to think about getting a better reference clock; 
> cesium, rubidium or quartz frequency standards call all provide a 
> somewhat better reference than the typical computer clock!   Cesium and 

We do have a reference crystal clock inside the GPS board (Hopf 6039).

However, we found this board to be very unreliable (mysterious 
breakdowns every so and then, jitter, etc.).

The last one was a problem at midnight January 1, 2005, which we found 
too strange a coincidence not to indicate a software bug.

This unreliable hardware was rather expensive. We will therefore refrain 
from buying any other similar device unless we can get some strong 
assurance that the device actually works like it's supposed to.

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