[ntp:questions] Re: ntp crash due bad UDP checksum

mayer at gis.net mayer at gis.net
Thu Jan 27 20:26:17 UTC 2005

Sythos wrote:
> kernel 2.4.28 and 2.4.29 (both)
> ntpd 4.2.0 die without any kind of message if kernel receive a
malformed UDP
> I'm not a coder, can anyone explain me how maintain ntpd active?
> not script, I already have a script to check and if there isn't ntpd
> it lauch the time daemon)

There is nothing we can do if you have no information. Are you sure
of what's happening? Is there nothing in syslog? How quickly does
it die? What else is going on on the system? who else has system
access. Is there a core dump?


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