[ntp:questions] Unusually accurate PC clock? 3.326 ppm drift? Is this possible?

elickd at one.net elickd at one.net
Fri Jan 28 20:27:13 UTC 2005

In testing our systems, I started the xntpd daemon on this particular
IBM Netfinity 5500 running SCO 5.0.5.  Xntpd always stays synced to the
three upstream servers it's pointed at (I know it should have more,
it's only a test) and the drift number is consistantly around 3.

root at xxxxxx / # cat /etc/ntp.drift

This machine has always been rock solid, but I'm having a hard time
believing such an increadible drift value isn't the product of a bug or
misconfiguration of xntpd.

Have any of you ever seen such a stable, unmodified PC clock?


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