[ntp:questions] Re: Unusually accurate PC clock? 3.326 ppm drift? Is this possible?

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Sat Jan 29 08:07:14 UTC 2005

Abandoning the right to remain silent, elickd at Fri, 28 Jan 2005 13:33:10
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> Over the past few weeks, I've not seen the drift significant digit
> anything other than 3.  This 5500 sits up on a shelf in our ostensibly
> "climate controlled" server/network lab in a location that feels to be
> out of any large drafts.
> Perhaps the heat generated by it's dual processors, 5 10k rpm drives
> and 2 power supplies provides reletively stable internal case
> temperature?
> In any case, I found this particular machine's unusual accuracy worth a
> blurb in the group.

So in effect you have a server (remember a 5500 was built as a server,
not a workstation) with an ovenised crystal. You might just be lucky the
error is that low. Have you tried graphing the drift over a long period?

My Linux workstation sitting under the desk at home with room
temperatures ranging from +5C through +40C and Seti running on both
CPUs has a drift that sits between -44 to -46 PPM

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