[ntp:questions] HOPF 6039

David Monniaux david.point.monniaux.plus.news at free.fr
Sat Jan 29 23:43:28 UTC 2005

I would like feedback from other users of HOPF 6039 hardware.

We use a HOPF 6039 in a scientific experiment for three purposes:
- sending pulses to the experiment every 1s
- sending a timestamp message to the experiment every 1s
- supplying the host machine with precise time through NTP (secondary).

We had a lot of problems with that board:
- poor reception of satellites (fiddling with the cables seems to have 
helped a bit)
- jitter on the 1s pulse line
- crashes of the board (satellite reception info stops changing, clock 
does not respond, needs reset).

Have other users experienced similar problems?

Which other similar product would you advise?

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