[ntp:questions] Configuring a server and clients behind a firewall

Tad Marko tad at tadland.net
Mon Jan 31 23:58:32 UTC 2005


I have been looking for some example ntp.conf files without any
luck. I'm hoping to find a basic set of working ntp.conf files for a
server on an internal network, syncing itself to an outside source
(probalby pool.ntp.org), and then the ntp.conf file for the clients to
sync to my server. I can find a lot of client ntp.conf (and it seems
like there is always some slight differences in the restrict lines),
but I cannot find any examples of what a server ntp.conf should look
like. Can anyone help me out?

Also, if I want to make the server visible to the world, what, if any,
changes should I make to the file?


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