[ntp:questions] ntpdc version

Pedro Torres torres at pop-pr.rnp.br
Wed Jun 1 14:22:49 UTC 2005


I have a server running ntpd version 4.1.74 with IPv6 support.

When I execute the command below I can see the answer correctly:

> ntpdc -n -c monlist <MY SERVER>
ntpdc> version
ntpdc 4.1.74 at 1.998-r Mon Jun 14 13:17:10 BRT 2004 (2)

When I execute the same command from another host with ntpdc version 4.2.0 the 
answer often is:

ntpdc -n -c monlist  <MY SERVER>
<AD.DR.ES.S>: timed out with incomplete data
***Response from server was incomplete
ntpdc> version
ntpdc 4.2.0a at 1:4.2.0a+stable-8-r Sat Mar 19 14:14:16 CET 2005 (1)

And when I can get an answer that is different from ntpdc 4.1.74 version. (the 
IPv6 addrress are not showed or different IPv6 address are showed)

I appreciate any help...

Sorry my poor english :(

Atenciosamente, Regards,
Pedro Rodrigues Torres Júnior
Tel: 55 41 3361-3343

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