Using BIND - was Re: [ntp:questions] Re: How long do I have to wait for sync?

David J Taylor david-taylor at
Fri Jun 3 06:50:54 UTC 2005

mayer wrote:
>> In my own small network, by the way, I have fixed IP addresses and
>> avoid  DHCP.  I have made the router start at (or
>> whatever) so  there is a space of clear addresses in the
>> range that I  can assign myself.  I have around 10
>> PCs.  This means that I use the HOSTS  file to assign names to
>> numbers.
> That's silly. Just install BIND on one of your system and have it
> provide the address records. There's no need for you to be using
> hoat files any more.
> Danny

Thanks for your suggestion.

Why complicate a system with four active nodes by adding more software and 
increased inter-node dependancy?  Why install extra software which may go 
wrong, or the server it runs on may be down?  Why change a system which 
works?  It would mean re-configuring all the node's IP services as well, 
to change from using the ISP's DNS to my own DNS.

I am open to be convinced, though.


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