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> >> In my own small network, by the way, I have fixed IP addresses and
> >> avoid  DHCP.  I have made the router start at (or
> >> whatever) so  there is a space of clear addresses in the
> >> range that I  can assign myself.  I have around 10
> >> PCs.  This means that I use the HOSTS  file to assign names to
> >> numbers.
> >>
> >
> > That's silly. Just install BIND on one of your system and have it
> > provide the address records. There's no need for you to be using
> > hoat files any more.
> >
> > Danny
> Thanks for your suggestion.
> Why complicate a system with four active nodes by adding more software
> and  increased inter-node dependancy?  Why install extra software
> which may go  wrong, or the server it runs on may be down?  Why change
> a system which  works?  It would mean re-configuring all the node's IP
> services as well,  to change from using the ISP's DNS to my own DNS.
> I am open to be convinced, though.

I'm not trying to convince you, it's up to you to make you own decisions
on what makes sense on your own network. I just strongly recommend
using a hosts file as it's error prone, requires repropogation, is
vunerable to viruses and can generally not be relied on. One virus I
saw going around last year made use of it to add bad addresses of all
of the various virus makers making it impossible to contact them to
download new virus definition files. Centralized management of your
host names and addresses is a much better idea. In fact, just this week,
ACM Sigcomm announced that it had awarded Paul Mockapetris a lifetime
achievement award:
for creating DNS. It was originally written on a DECSystem-20 in

Yes I am prejudiced since I wrote the Windows port of BIND 9.


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