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Fri Jun 3 17:21:31 UTC 2005

mayer wrote:
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>> mayer wrote:
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>>> I'm not trying to convince you, it's up to you to make you own
>>> decisions on what makes sense on your own network. I just strongly
>>> recommend against
>>> using a hosts file as it's error prone, requires repropogation, is
>>> vunerable to viruses and can generally not be relied on. One virus I
>>> saw going around last year made use of it to add bad addresses of
>>> all of the various virus makers making it impossible to contact them
>>> to download new virus definition files. Centralized management of
>>> your host names and addresses is a much better idea. In fact, just
>>> this week, ACM Sigcomm announced that it had awarded Paul
>>> Mockapetris a lifetime achievement award:
>>> for creating DNS.
>>> It was originally written on a DECSystem-20 in Pascal.
>>> Yes I am prejudiced since I wrote the Windows port of BIND 9.
>>> Danny
>> Danny, thanks for that.
>> Given your bias and interest, were I to wish to follow this up, and
>> to try  and finish this now off-topic conversation:
>> - where do I download BIND 9 for Windows?
> There are both Binaries for Windows and the tarball for the source.
> It builds with both VS 6.0 and .NET.
>> - where can I find the documentation and noddy setup guide?
> It's in the kit. There's an installer to set it up.
>> - does it run as a service?
> Yes.
>> - does it run on Windows NT 4?
> It should. I no longer have NT 4 to test that but it comes
> with the prerequisite binaries.
>> - does it allow multiple up-stream servers (like client software)?
> If you mean forwarders then yes though you don't need forwarders
> normally.
>> - does it need to be registered with up-stream servers?
> To do what?
>>   (presumably not for read-only access).
> A DNS server just serves DNS records. It you are asking about
> recursion it depends on the IP address the request comes from
> and how the admin has set up the server to allow or not allow
> recursion from that address range.
> Danny

Danny, many thanks and sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not going ahead 
with this.  Why?

- the apparent lack of any online documentation for the Windows version of 

- the lack of any user manual for BIND - at least I didn't see any 
pointers on the page:   I'm not 
going to run the installer just to get the documentation - it should be 
online like the NTP documents.

- the UNIX-oriented nature of the FAQs

- seeing 50 files in the Zip archive versus the four files I currently 

What I was asking about was this: my present systems all point to multiple 
DNS servers on different external networks, so that in the event of one 
DNS server going down I can still resolve using the other servers.  Does 
BIND possess a similar multiple-master capability?  In the DNS 
implementations I have run in the past (some time ago), there was a single 
master to which my server linked, not multiple masters.

I am grateful for the pointers you have given, but it seems that it's a 
sledgehammer to crack a nut.


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