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Fri Jun 3 19:33:36 UTC 2005

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> Danny, many thanks and sorry to disappoint you, but I'm not going
> ahead  with this.  Why?
> - the apparent lack of any online documentation for the Windows
> version of  BIND
The online documentation is in the binary kit: Bv9ARM*.html is the
BIND documentation.

> - the lack of any user manual for BIND - at least I didn't see any 
> pointers on the page:   I'm not
> going to run the installer just to get the documentation - it should
> be  online like the NTP documents.

See above. Unlike standard Windows wizards the installer doesn't
extract files out of a container file, they're already in the zip
unpacked. The installer's goal is to install the binaries in the
right place correctly. Nothing else.

> - the UNIX-oriented nature of the FAQs
> - seeing 50 files in the Zip archive versus the four files I currently
> manage.
The zip contains the binaries, the documentation and a couple of plain
text files of information for you to look at.

> What I was asking about was this: my present systems all point to
> multiple  DNS servers on different external networks, so that in the
> event of one  DNS server going down I can still resolve using the
> other servers.  Does  BIND possess a similar multiple-master
> capability?  In the DNS  implementations I have run in the past (some
> time ago), there was a single  master to which my server linked, not
> multiple masters.

DNS is a distributed system. Talking abour multiple masters has no
meaning in the context that you are discussing. Your clients can
point to multiple nameservers including this one and they will get
their responses from whichever one that they query.

> I am grateful for the pointers you have given, but it seems that it's
> a  sledgehammer to crack a nut.

Not really. It's not hard to set up and maintain especially if you
only have a few systems. After you set it up you almost never need
to touch it.

NTP is actually more complex in some ways because you do need
to change your config when time servers go away or you discover
a new one.

> Cheers,
> David 

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