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Sat Jun 4 04:19:54 UTC 2005

At 7:53 PM +0000 2005-06-03, David J Taylor wrote:

>  However, Brad says that Windows will only talk to the first name server,
>  and therefore the DNS I set up will have to provide lookups for both the
>  addresses of the four local PCs, and the rest of the Internet.

	There are two general types of nameservers.  There are 
recursive/caching nameservers, such as your clients would be using to 
find out information about the outside world, and there are 
authoritative nameservers which would be providing information -- 
either your own authoritative nameservers that provide information 
about your machines, or authoritative nameservers elsewhere on the 
Internet that provide information about their machines.

	One common configuration is to set up your own nameservers to 
provide both recursive/caching functions for your internal clients, 
as well as to provide authoritative information about your local 
clients.  But the authoritative side would only be provided to your 
local clients, because they're not advertised anywhere, and they're 
not likely to be externally accessible from anywhere.

>  My question about masters refers to this process of my own DNS having to
>  provide data for the rest of the Internet.

	There's no need for you to provide that information to the 
Internet.  These are local machines, presumably on your home network, 
and there's no reason for anyone in the world to know anything about 
them -- other than you and your other machines on that same network. 
So, you do provide this information, but only to yourself, and you 
don't have to worry about anyone else.

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