Using BIND - was Re: [ntp:questions] Re: How long do I havetowaitfor sync?

David J Taylor david-taylor at
Sat Jun 4 10:08:14 UTC 2005

David Woolley wrote:
> You are getting confused because you are talking in low end
> workstation terminology about software that is enterprise capable.

> There is a special top level domain, invalid, for this purpose,
> although it doesn't currently seem to be optimised (it might still be
> special
> code in the root servers).

OK, David, thanks for that.  I think that my confusion is arisng because 
the times when I have used DNS servers before they always talked to an 
upstream server (like NTP systems do), as they were providing address 
information for a sub-domain.  In that case, it was a bi-directional 

Thie idea of configuring my own DNS server to talk directly to the root 
DNS servers for the Internet had not occured to me, just as one would not 
normally talk to a stratum one NTP server directly.  [Is there anything to 
learn from this for the NTP guys?].  I understand from what you say that 
this root contact will only be once for each root domain (e.g. .uk), thus 
alleviating the load.  So I would never (under normal circumstances) need 
to add the address of any upstream server at all.  Understood.

I've added the .invalid at the end of my address (although while writing 
this post rather than before writing, so it may not appear) to alleviate 
any excess load I may be causing.


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