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Sat Jun 4 16:36:58 UTC 2005

At 4:27 PM +0000 2005-06-04, David J Taylor wrote:

>  What can I say but thanks - I knew many of these things but had forgotten
>  some and not encountered others.

	Not a problem.  I'm glad to be able to help.

>                                    The idea of stratum 1 NTP servers simply
>  referring you further down the line is a fascinating one!  NTP V5?

	Actually, I think that the "manycast" solution should do the job 
just fine.  We just have to get people to support multicast mode in 
their network code, on their network devices, and to route multicast 
packets on their networks.  If they do that, then you'll simplify 
your configuration a great deal, and automatically discover and use 
nearby time servers.  It really is a nearly ideal solution, about as 
good as you could possibly expect in the real world.

	Everything you need is already available, it's just a matter of 
getting people to turn on support by default out-of-the-box.  And 
that's also the biggest problem.

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