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David J Taylor david-taylor at
Sat Jun 4 18:35:34 UTC 2005

Richard B. Gilbert wrote:
> Setting up a BIND server is not something that can be described in a
> single page.  I did it once, about ten years ago, when my employer's
> upstream provider asked us to stop using their server for name
> resolution.   Getting it right required extensive reading, including
> "DNS and BIND"  by Paul Albitz and Cricket Liu published by O'Reilly &
> Associates, RFC 1032,  RFC 1033, RFC 1034, RFC 1035, RFC 1183, and a
> couple of cheat sheets provided by Digital Equipment Corporation.
> I learned a great deal doing it but I wouldn't want to attempt it
> again without lots of time, a current edition of "DNS and BIND", etc, 
> etc.
> In a sense, it is simple enough; create and populate two or three text
> files and start the server.  The time is consumed in learning what
> goes in those files and understanding how it works well enough that
> you can find your own mistakes.
> So there you have your one page description!   Enjoy!  :-P

Remember that all this started because someone said that managing four 
copies of a HOSTS file was a silly way of doing things.....

"That's silly. Just install BIND on one of your system and have it provide 
the address records. There's no need for you to be using host files any 

True, but....


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