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Sat Jun 4 19:52:22 UTC 2005

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> Well, thanks to Danny, Brad and David I have this working.  Danny may
> wish  to note:
> - it doesn't say anywhere in the Windows ReadMeFirst to create the
> file  named.conf - perhaps an empty one should be supplied in the
> correct  directory?
I don't want to do that as there's too much risk of overwriting an
existing one.
> - the required directory \dns\etc\namedb is not automatically created 
> (although there seem to be no files created there?).
That's optional in how you set up your zones. I don't bother with
a subdirectory as I don't have a lot of zones. 

> - the \dns\etc directory needed to have its permissions changed (full 
> control added for the named users) to allow to be created.
It's one of those unfinished business pieces in the installer.
If it's not in the readme I'll add it. Okay, it is in the readme.
Note that is not really essential for windows as nothing
uses it.

> This under Windows XP SP2.

Great, glad to have been of help.

> Cheers,
> David 
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