Using BIND - was Re: [ntp:questions] Re: How long doI havetowaitfor sync?

David J Taylor david-taylor at
Sat Jun 4 20:18:43 UTC 2005

mayer wrote:
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>> Well, thanks to Danny, Brad and David I have this working.  Danny may
>> wish  to note:
>> - it doesn't say anywhere in the Windows ReadMeFirst to create the
>> file  named.conf - perhaps an empty one should be supplied in the
>> correct  directory?
> I don't want to do that as there's too much risk of overwriting an
> existing one.

If FileExists ('named.conf') skip creation?

>> - the required directory \dns\etc\namedb is not automatically created
>> (although there seem to be no files created there?).
> That's optional in how you set up your zones. I don't bother with
> a subdirectory as I don't have a lot of zones.

Then it should be mentioned.

>> - the \dns\etc directory needed to have its permissions changed (full
>> control added for the named users) to allow to be created.
> It's one of those unfinished business pieces in the installer.
> If it's not in the readme I'll add it. Okay, it is in the readme.

It isn't in readme1st.txt, where are you looking?

> Note that is not really essential for windows as nothing
> uses it.

Well, the server creates it, and doesn't work without it.  Not quite sure 
how that is "not essential".


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