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Abandoning the right to remain silent, Brad Knowles at Sat, 04 Jun 2005
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> At 7:10 AM +0000 2005-06-04, David J Taylor wrote:
>>  What I am asking is this: if I set up such a recursive/caching server, can
>>  I get it to talk to more than one external DNS server (from the point of
>>  view of it looking up external Internet addresses)?
> 	Yes.  In fact, you'd have to do some work to get it to do 
> anything else.  By the very nature of the DNS, information is 
> distributed around various servers in the world, and as you ask 
> various questions your server will find out where those machines are 
> and get the information from them.

While this is true I wonder if it is the answer he's expecting.

If you make a DNS query and get a reply (any reply) that is supposed to be
the end of the story. At least for the TTL value in the reply. Asking
another namseserver is not supposed to return a different answer.

DNS is a distributed database where every copy of a zone is supposed to be
identical within the limitations of the time it takes to perform
replication (a.k.a. zone transfer, whether incremental or complete). 

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