Using BIND - was Re: [ntp:questions] Re: How long doIhavetowaitfor sync?

David J Taylor david-taylor at
Sun Jun 5 08:40:47 UTC 2005

Danny Mayer wrote:
>> If FileExists ('named.conf') skip creation?
> I always hesitate to do this. At best I might provide and example that
> you could move yourself.

Yes, an example is always useful.

> Mentioned where? The ARM tells you that the directory option makes
> all files relative to the directory.

I copied the sample "cache" (or whatever) .conf file from the URL you 
gave, and it had the namedb directory.  I hadn't appreciated that this was 
an optional choice, and not part of the standard configuration.  Another 
instance where a sample named.conf file might be helpful.

>>>> - the \dns\etc directory needed to have its permissions changed
>>>> (full control added for the named users) to allow to be
>>>> created.
>>> It's one of those unfinished business pieces in the installer.
>>> If it's not in the readme I'll add it. Okay, it is in the readme.
>> It isn't in readme1st.txt, where are you looking?
> Which version of BIND did you install? I looked at the 9.3.1
> readme1st.txt and it's in there. I was very careful to document that
> fact. The second paragraph of "Important Kit Installation
> Information" tells you this.

V9.3.1.  The documentation says permissions are required, so as the 
BINDinstall program creates the user account and the directories, it 
should either give the directory the correct permissions or, less 
desirable, tell the user to alter the permissions.  Perhaps it would be 
more obvious if, in the readme, you said "you will need to alter these 
permissions from the default".  To me it seemed more like a note of 
interest than an instruction to do something.

>>> Note that is not really essential for windows as nothing
>>> uses it.
>> Well, the server creates it, and doesn't work without it.  Not quite
>> sure how that is "not essential".
> Not essential for tools outside of BIND. Sorry if you misunderstood
> that statement. You can use the following statement within options {}
> to stop named creating a pid file:
> pid-file none;

I think you need to document either the option not to create it, or the 
requirement to change permissions to allow BIND to work.

I do hope all the suggestions will result in improvements in the Windows 
install kit to make installation easier for others.


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