[ntp:questions] Re: RFC number to refer for SNTPv2

David L. Mills mills at udel.edu
Mon Jun 6 17:48:37 UTC 2005


Your question makes no sense. Each revision of the SNTP RFC completely 
and utterly obsoletes the previous ones and any questions about them are 
not relevant. The only reason rfc2030 specifically mentions v4 is a 
small difference from v3 in how to interpret the reference ID with IPv6. 
Otherwise, they all talk about the same protocol. There will be a new 
RFC version that includes specific directions on how to be a good NTP 
network citizen. It will completely and utterly obsolete rfc2030 and 
questions on it and prior versions will not be relevant.


Arul Kumar C wrote:
> Hi Danny,
> Thanks for your inputs.  My intention is to know the RFC (if any) that
> is considered as SNTPv2.
> ~Arul Kumar C

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