[ntp:questions] Re: WWV audio driver, FreeBSD, Can't seem to get it going

mayer mayer at gis.net
Tue Jun 7 18:58:34 UTC 2005

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> Danny, et al,
> There is a good deal of electrical engineering theory and practice in 
> the WWV/H and CHU and IRIG audio drivers. In fact, I use those drivers
> as examples of optimum demodulation/decoding in my course on 
> digital/analog communications engineering. I have no problem should 
> somebody send a bug report to bugzilla, but the only person to fix 
> problems with the audio drivers will be me. As I don't read bugzilla 
> reports directly, the best course is to send reports about the audio 
> drivers directly to me and, in particular, to this newsgroup.


We are aware of that. We'd make sure you'd get anything in bugzilla
that you are responsible for. It's just keeping track of everything
requires something more than just email to manage it all.

It was my intention that you review the proposed changes and implement
whatever you think makes sense out of the changes. You're the expert
in these areas and we of course respect your superior knowledge and
experience here.


> Dave

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