[ntp:questions] Re: Need ntpdate *tool* not *counselor*

roy roy at suespammers.org
Wed Jun 8 02:15:11 UTC 2005

Brian T. Brunner wrote:
> [.. snip ..]
> So, yes, we're an isolated not-work(sic) w.r.t. synching time with
> anything else on this planet.  Evolution being what it is, a desire for
> satellite-based time feed will eventually trickle down this industry to the
> point that there will be some reliable time master such that logs can be
> compared between two distant ships/plants.  For now, getting the several
> embedded alarm processors and their master agreeing what the time is
> not only suffices, it is the best I can hope for.

Have you looked at the UNIX / Linux timed utility?  It may fit your
purposes better than NTP, since timed has a master / slave
synchronization design.

> Some folk have suggested having the Stratum16 Master lie helpfully by
> claiming Stratum10 status so that we'll all be equally wrong together, and
> our records will then agree.  Good suggestion, prima facie; now I'm trying
> to figure out how to make a WinXp{home|pro} system serve time a-la-RFC
> for *any* version of (Linux) ntp.

I never tried to get timed to run on any version of Windows.  It might

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