[ntp:questions] Re: WWV audio driver, FreeBSD, Can't seem to get it going

Harlan Stenn stenn at ntp1.isc.org
Wed Jun 8 04:13:27 UTC 2005


Dave sez:

 I have no problem should somebody send a bug report to bugzilla, but the
 only person to fix problems with the audio drivers will be me. As I don't
 read bugzilla reports directly, the best course is to send reports about
 the audio drivers directly to me and, in particular, to this newsgroup.

This is suboptimal IMO.

Folks should not need to worry about a list of choices on where to
report a bug.

When a bugzilla issue is opened for something that Dave maintains, I
forward the initial report to Dave and add Dave as a Cc: to that bug

The net result is that Dave gets plain text email of bug reports and
we have a single place where folks can report bugs.  We also have a
convenient history of email relating to the issue.

But this is just my opinion...


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