[ntp:questions] Authentication using MV identity scheme

abhijit madhav abhijithmadhav at yahoo.co.in
Mon Jun 13 09:43:26 UTC 2005

Hi everybody,

Following is the scenario being tried out by myself to
establish an autokey(MV scheme) authenticated 
client-server association.

In the server machine
1.ntp.conf in the server_machine
    crypto pw password
    keysdir ./
    fudge stratum 10
    server <primary_server> iburst prefer

2. I generate the required parameter files, keyfiles
and certificates using
     /usr/sbin/ntp-keygen -V 3 -p password

3. Transfer one of the generated MVkey file
ntpkey_MVkey1_server.3327641677 to the client.

4. Run
    /usr/sbin/ntpd -c ntp.conf -l log
    and wait until the server gets synchronised to the
primary server and the server's stratum gets reduced
to 2

In the client machine
5. ntp.conf in the client
    crypto pw password
    keysdir ./
    server <server_machine> autokey iburst

6. Generate the required keyfiles using
    /usr/sbin/ntp-keygen -H -p password
    (The MVkey file of step 3 is earlier transferred
to this machine)

7. Create a soft link to the parameter file
    ln -s ntpkey_MVkey1_server.3327641677

8.  Run
    /usr/sbin/ntpd -c ntp.conf -l log

On Quering the status of the client ntpd the
reachability register remains 0, and the client does
not get synchronised to the server.

Also the flash code displays 
flash 400 not_proventic

My doubts are
What is wrong with my configuration?

Thanks in advance,
Abhijith Madhav


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