[ntp:questions] PPS time sync

Reiner Dassing dassing at wettzell.ifag.de
Mon Jun 13 08:16:14 UTC 2005


On ntp Version 4.2.0 and the patched Linux kernel for PPS (Kernel 2.4.21-NANO) we use
the pps signal.
But from time to time ntp syslogs the following messages:

Jun 10 00:02:18 server ntpd[1038]: kernel time sync disabled 0507
Jun 10 00:03:12 server ntpd[1038]: pps sync disabled
Jun 10 00:03:24 server ntpd[1038]: kernel time sync enabled 0107

Can somebody explain me what might happen there.
Is there a bug in the driver?
Something wrong with pps signal?

Or can somebody point me the source to set some debug messages
to find out the reason?

Thank you very much for your help!

With best regards
  Reiner Dassing

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