[ntp:questions] Re: How to handle leap second condition correctly?

Friedel Jantzen nospam_plz at freenet.de
Wed Jun 15 12:32:12 UTC 2005


as David Wooley wrote on 11. June, 
my original article had meant the server response
to an SNTP client request, not really that the server had to be an
SNTP server. I am simply sending a datagram as described in rfc2030 to
a public time server and use the reply to set the system time on
standalone PCs.

May I ask 2 additional questions, please?

1. From my OP:
Is the leap second flag bit in the server's reply set only during the
leap second or on the whole day of the condition?

2. Are the passed leap seconds of the last years to be counted in the
timestamp, or is it correct to multiply simply (as I did)
PassedDaysCount * SecondsPerDay ?

Excuse me for the naive questions,

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