[ntp:questions] Re: ntp client: keep all servers at startup

Ralf Fassel ralfixx at gmx.de
Thu Jun 16 16:46:45 UTC 2005

* CBee <I.Dont at want.your.spam>
| I think your problem is that if the ntp deamon does not find any
| server, it stops workin.

No, that's not the problem.  The LOCAL clock is already in the config,
so the daemon starts up fine.  It's just that is does not try again to
contact the server if the server wasn't reachable at client startup.

| You might also add your local ntp-server (or pool.ntp.org) for the
| moment it effectively has a network connection.

They will never be connected to 'the' internet, just the two machines
in an isolated network, requiring synched time so we can trust the
file modification times.

I still have to check the broadcast suggestion mentioned in another
posting (so much to do, so little time...).  However, since currently
the user instructions 'first start server, then start client' seem to
work, this is low on my agenda.

Thanks anyway for your input.

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