[ntp:questions] Re: ntpd kills ppp/pppoe/DSL

r.u ru at vakuum.de
Thu Jun 16 22:12:31 UTC 2005

On Thu, 16 Jun 2005 07:36:17 +0100, David Woolley wrote:

> In article <pan.2005. at vakuum.de>,
> "r.u" <ru at vakuum.de> wrote:
>> router pppd[419]: Terminating on signal 2.
>> # ntpd -n -d -d -d -p /var/run/ntpd.pid
>> addto_syslog: ntpd exiting on signal 2
> Signal 2 is SIGINTR, i.e. a console interrupt (typically ^C or DEL).
> It is not normally issued by ordinary programs, although it can be.
> You have started ntpd in an attached mode.  I don't know how you have
> started pppd, or what shell you are using.
> My guess is that you started pppd in a diagnostic mode, so that it
> was still attached to the console, and simply backgrounded it with
> &.  You are probably using a non-job control shell, so ^C affects
> background jobs (it is issued to a process group, when issued by
> the terminal driver).  You then interrupted your attached ntpd with ^C
> causing collateral damage to the also attached pppd.
> Your best way of running both diagnostically is to run them in separate
> consoles.  You can use nohup if it is supported by your configuration.

There is a saying in german, "the problem was between the chair and
keyboard".  Your analysis was almost entirely correct, except that
I was not running pppd in diagnostic mode.  Keyboard interrupts that
I was typing on the same tty where I'd started pppd (using
adsl-start) were somehow being propagated to pppd and killing it.

THERE IS *NO* PROBLEM WITH ntpd. sorry about the confusion.



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