[ntp:questions] Re: time reset +492.958589 s

Richard B. Gilbert rgilbert88 at comcast.net
Fri Jun 17 01:33:12 UTC 2005

Jörgen Tegnér wrote:

>Hi all,
>last two days I've noticed several huge time resets in the syslog. Is that
>to be expected? I certainly didn't.
>Example below
>Jun 16 11:42:32 burken ntpd[1834]: synchronized to LOCAL(0), stratum 13
>Jun 16 11:52:04 burken ntpd[1834]: synchronized to, stratum 2
>Jun 16 12:16:34 burken ntpd[1834]: time reset +492.958589 s
>Jun 16 12:20:54 burken ntpd[1834]: synchronized to LOCAL(0), stratum 13
>Can anyone suggest possible causes?
>burken is running ntpd version 4.20, Debian Sid's 1:4.2.0a+stable-8
Not to be expected at all!   Is there some problem with your network 
connection to  It seems strange that your system would 
synchronize to the local clock, synchronize to and then 
synchronize to the local clock again if everything were working properly.

After burken has been running for at least one hour, please post the 
output of "ntpq -p".   Also post a copy of /etc/ntp.conf

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