[ntp:questions] Re: GPS, IEEE 1344, and NTP - a field report

Joseph Gwinn JoeGwinn at comcast.net
Wed Jun 22 01:55:54 UTC 2005

In article <JoeGwinn-2FDDE3.08461120062005 at comcast.dca.giganews.com>,
 Joseph Gwinn <JoeGwinn at comcast.net> wrote:

> PS.  Harlan Stenn asked me to write a NTP FAQ on this problem, and I am 
> in the process of collecting the various details to do that.

The writeup is now in the FAQ, at 

If there are any questions, reply to this posting and I will update the 
FAQ  to answer the question, on the theory that many people will have 
the same question.

Joe Gwinn

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