[ntp:questions] Re: Effects of network congestion on accuracy

Heiko Gerstung heiko.gerstung_removeme_ at meinberg.de
Thu Jun 23 11:06:53 UTC 2005

Hi Mauro,

Mauro Fiacco schrieb:
> The system I have in mind employs a very stable oscillator (VCTCXO or
> even a OCXO). I would like to use NTP in order to synthonize it's
> frequency (no much care about time... but I understand that NTP will
> require a clock as well)

We have such a product, it's called LANTIME/NDT and can it's equipped 
with a high quality OCXO.

See http://www.meinberg.de/english/products/lanndt.htm for details on 
this product. You can find specifications of the integrated OCXO on our 
  oscillator page (http://www.meinberg.de/english/specs/gpsopt.htm), see 
the OCXO-HQ column.

> How NTP behaves, in conditions were the oscillator is more credible of
> the offset measured in networks which may be congested.
> Do you have any good reference I could look at.

Please feel free to contact us via email in case you have any questions.

> Thank you.
> Regards,
> Mauro

Kind regards,

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