[ntp:questions] NTP application status

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sat Jun 25 19:30:03 UTC 2005

I want to set straight some facts about NTP as this reference
implementation of NTP currently exists. The status of the NTP
protocol resides with the IETF NTP Working Group and should be
discussed in that forum.

1) The copyright of this NTP reference implementation is owned
by David L. Mills (mills at udel.edu). See the copyright HTML page
here: http://www.eecis.udel.edu/~mills/ntp/html/copyright.html
for full details.

2) Some parts of the actual code used in this NTP reference
implementation are Copyright by other bodies such as ISC which
owns copyright to files in the libisc subdirectory and a number
of other places. In the case of ISC the copyright statement and
license specifically permits unlimited reuse with or without fee
in both source and binary. As such it is donated code with the
proviso of keeping the copyright statements in the source files.
Other authors have donated code with copyright statements and
they too must be kept intact in the source code. Other individuals
as well as clock manufacturers have contributed code to this NTP
reference implementation. There is a long list of people who
have contributed code and their time to the project on the
copyright page. Many other have contributed bug fixes and
enhancements without a  specific mention in the contributors list
but they are thanked as well.

3) We make use of OpenSSL for various security aspects of this NTP
reference implementation. That body of code is copyright by the
OpenSSL organization.Their copyright and license information can
be found here: http://www.openssl.org/source/license.html

4) The current source code repository is currently maintained
through BitKeeper. The main BitKeeper repository resides at the
University of Delaware and is only updated by Harlan Stenn. All
NTP releases, including development snapshots are sourced from
that repository. There are at least two mirrors of that repository
kept on other systems.

5) Bug tracking is maintained through Bugzilla and is now hosted
at ISC at http://bugs.ntp.isc.org/ and is accessible by everyone to
view old and new bugs and their status.

6) The http://www.ntp.org/ web site is owned by David Mills and
hosted at the University of Delaware and represents the official
web site and documentation site for this NTP reference
implementation and Professor David Mill's ongoing research and development.

7) The http://ntp.isc.org/ web site is operated by the NTP
Public Services Project and hosted at ISC. ISC has donated
some equipment, infrastructure and manpower to the Project
but is not responsible for any of the code except as outlined
above nor has it any control over the NTP source repository.
Since these costs are ongoing they are continuing contributors
to the NTP Public Services Project.

8) This NTP reference implementation supports a large number of
reference clocks from manufacturers around the world on a large
variety of computer hardware and operating systems. The refclock
driver pages document them but as older clocks are obsoleted by
their manufacturers active support get dropped if there is no one
with such a refclock who is willing and able to maintain the code
associated with that refclock.

9) This NTP reference implementation is built using large
varieties and versions of compilers on different operating systems
and computer hardware.

10) Two build farms are maintained at the University of Delaware
for building, testing and debugging this NTP reference
implementation. Access to these build farms are limited to a small
group of identified developers. These farms contain a large variety of
computer hardware, reference clocks and Operating Systems.

11) Additional build farms are occasionally used as the need

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