[ntp:questions] NTP for P2P synchronization

Kemal Oral CANSIZLAR cansizla at usc.edu
Thu Mar 3 13:15:55 UTC 2005

Hi all,

The peer-to-peer(P2P) research project I am involved in needs some way to 
synchronize the clocks of individual nodes in order for accurate, 
distributed event logging. But here is the nasty part; the nodes are 
end-users (majority of whom could be technophobians) whch may be behind a 
firewall/NAT and NTP (which we favor to use due to its ubiquity and 
credibility; the collected statistics will be used to assist our ongoing 
research) runs over UDP only, and I know TCP would adversely affect the time 
synchronization due to several reasons. However, I am desperately looking 
for a TCP implementation of NTP (if any), or a protocol that is the best 
alternative. I would also welcome any pointers on how to synchronize such a 
heterogenous, autonomous system... In the worst case, I may think of 
accommodating NTP over UDP (coupled with firewall configuration using uPnP), 
and a type of TCP time protocol to at least loosely sync the clocks when no 
options avilable at the peer node...

Thank you all in advance,



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