[ntp:questions] NTP for P2P synchronization

Kemal Oral CANSIZLAR cansizla at usc.edu
Thu Mar 3 15:08:00 UTC 2005

Thank you for the reply.

"Brad Knowles" <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> wrote in message 
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> At 5:15 AM -0800 2005-03-03, Kemal Oral CANSIZLAR wrote:
>>                                           However, I am desperately 
>> looking
>>  for a TCP implementation of NTP (if any), or a protocol that is the best
>>  alternative.
> You won't find such a beast -- NTP is inherently a UDP protocol. Doing NTP 
> over TCP would introduce timing errors that would destroy the very reason 
> it was created in the first place.  You might as well try to perform brain 
> surgery with a nuclear weapon.
> You could always use rdate over ssh (or other cryptographically secure 
> method) if you are incapable of using UDP, but that has a whole host of 
> limitations.

Thank you, I will give it a try.

>>               I would also welcome any pointers on how to synchronize 
>> such a
>>  heterogenous, autonomous system...
> It depends on what your requirements are.  If you want high accuracy and 
> precision with the option of strong cryptographic server authentication, 
> then NTP is the best way.  If not, there are plenty of other alternatives.

I would really love to hear the alternatives you mentioned.


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