[ntp:questions] Cant work under win98

Danny Mayer mayer at gis.net
Sat Mar 5 21:04:29 UTC 2005

At 09:57 PM 3/4/2005, Dasha Hu wrote:
>For some reasons, I need ntp server to work under Win98.
>But I find some sys calls of ntp is WIN32 support that isn't available
>under WIN98.
>I tried my best to change code but dont success.
>So does anybody give me some advise? Or you have been done it.

It won't work under Win98. The code uses I/O Completion Ports which
is only available in NT and followons.

There are a number of third party implementations that do run on
Win98 though you won't get the accuracy of ntpd. I believe Tardis
is one of them.


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