[ntp:questions] Reference Clock

Ramanathan Palaniappan ram at cs.wisc.edu
Sun Mar 6 03:40:39 UTC 2005

   I am running NTP on my linux machine with a Truetime GPS receiver( model#
560-5900 ). I tried running NTP with the local clock as the server and it seemz
to work fine. When I try to run NTP with the reference clock as the server ( was the server ID as it was a truetime receiver ), the ntpq program
returns saying "No associations found". I have the latest version of ntp
running on my machine which has driver support for all the reference clocks. Am
I missing anything here ? I have also set up the necessary synbolic links. 

Ramanathan Palaniappan
Graduate Student
Computer Sciences Department
University of Wisconsin-Madison

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