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>I am a beginner with vsntp and NTP server.
>On a Linux machine I started the NTP Server, installed vsntp and
>configured it with the running NTP Server.
Are you running vsntp under Linux running under MS Virtual PC? That is
what it's designed for: syncing MS Virtual PC time to real time, as
the emulated time is too variable to run NTP. You could also run rdate
or any of it's ({S}NTP client) relatives under cron for the same

>Will the system time clock show the correct time now? And that there
>will not be any drift in time?
If you are running NTP and vsntp under the same level/instance of
Linux, don't do that; NTP keeps the system clock time correct, if it's
in contact with higher stratum servers, and run for long enough to

>How do can I display the correct time down to milli seconds with vsntp?
First check that NTP is maintaining the real system time correctly by
monitoring with ntpq; then check that vsntp is maintaining the virtual
system time correctly by issuing the date command in a virtual system
shell; to get greater resolution, you'll need to write your own C
program to display high resolution time using e.g. gettimeofday(3). 

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