[ntp:questions] restrict lines

Charles charles97 at dunjas.com
Tue Mar 8 21:19:24 UTC 2005

I am reading the on-line FreeBSE man page for /etc/ntp.conf
It gives the syntax for the restrict command as
restrict numeric_address [mask mask-value] [flags...]
So it just struck me that my restrict line for Redhat might have a
restrict clock.redhat.com mask nomodify noquery notrap

Before I found a man page for ntp.conf, I found several on-line
I thought that using the machine-name.domain-name.tld-name would
be more intelligent,  since it would always map to some IP and the IP
could change.

Now I am not so certain.

OffTopic... Somebody has kindly placed the FreeBSD man pages on the
web and I have found them. I have not been so lucky finding Fedora man
pages. PLUS my distribution came without a man page for ntp.conf.

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