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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sat Mar 12 20:42:30 UTC 2005

At 5:14 PM +0000 2005-03-12, Brian Inglis wrote:

>  ISTM that many ISPs do not honour any newsgroup control messages
>  nowadays; they only carry groups requested specifically by their
>  customers; I've had to ask a couple of times for standard groups to be
>  added; it normally takes about a week.

	I used to run a very highly rated news service for the largest 
ISP in Belgium.  We had peers all over the world, including Japan, 
China, Russia, Canada, and of course also including most of the 
European countries and the US.  I was even feeding some US military 
sites, because even though I was in Belgium, I was still a better 
newsfeed for them than anything else they could find in the US.

	In my experience, most news server administrators I know of will 
only honor cryptographically signed "newgroup" messages, and they 
tightly control which signatures they'll allow.  Many do not carry 
the alt.* newsgroups at all.  Most admins go well out of their way to 
ensure that they don't carry any binary newsgroups of any sort.

	For the rest, many ISPs have found that it's no longer 
cost-effective for them to run their own news servers, and they 
instead out-source that to other companies.  I was trying to help 
position my employer (at the time) to be able to take on some 
outsourcing business in this area, as of around the time I left.

	In terms of the amount of technical work it requires, adding a 
new newsgroup to your server takes about five seconds, if you're 
lazy.  If you've got decent newsfeeds (where they send you most 
everything they get and you throw away the stuff you don't want), you 
should already be getting articles in that newsgroup within seconds 
of saving the list of newsgroups back out to disk and having the 
server reload its configuration.

	However, If you don't have decent newsfeeds, and you ask the 
feeds you do have to only send you articles on the specific 
newsgroups you request, then it may take a while.  The alternative 
method requires you to arrange to get your chain of upstream feeds to 
re-align themselves in order to meet your changing requirements, 
which takes more time.

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