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Brad Knowles brad at stop.mail-abuse.org
Sat Mar 12 20:19:57 UTC 2005

At 10:02 AM -0600 2005-03-12, Frederick Bruckman wrote:

>  The point that Ulrich made, is that comp.protocols.time.ntp used to
>  provide something different, and this former use has been destroyed
>  by taking it over as a gateway for ntp.questions. I must agree.

	Gmane is providing nothing that we do not provide through our 
bi-directional mail/news gateway.  I do not see how you could 
possibly support Gmane on the one hand, and in the same breath rail 
against the bi-directional gateway that we have.

	Moreover, if you really had something against this service, it 
would have been good for you to speak up in 2003 when it was first 
put into operation.

	We've had the gateway running since Fri Jul 18 11:13:25 PDT 2003, 
which is just a few months shy of two full years of operation.  In 
that time, I've seen a lot of good come of and through the gateway.

	If you can show me that the gateway is causing sufficient harm to 
override the relatively long history we've had with it so far, I'd be 
more than happy to consider whatever alternative solutions you might 
have in mind.

	But you are going to have to be fairly persuasive.

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