[ntp:questions] forwarding

Hans Jørgen Jakobsen hjj at wheel.dk
Sat Mar 12 22:01:32 UTC 2005

On Sat, 12 Mar 2005 21:19:57 +0100, Brad Knowles wrote:
> 	If you can show me that the gateway is causing sufficient harm to 
> override the relatively long history we've had with it so far, I'd be 
> more than happy to consider whatever alternative solutions you might 
> have in mind.

On my reader (slrn) the gateway'd articles seem to
1) break threading
2) modify Subject header. ie insert "[ntp:questions]", sometimes in several levels
As far as I remember it has been a problem since day one.
Being a kind person I have not complained before now..
My vote for closing (at least util fixed).

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