[ntp:questions] Manual for a RCC8000....

linux user removeme.linux at starside.plus.com
Sat Mar 12 23:16:55 UTC 2005

I have gained a RCC8000, actually it is a PSI 8270D from some old Foxbro
Switchgear controller we were throwing out. I have powered it up (48v) and
it works. I would like to connect it to my Suse box. Does anyone have a
manual or some info on it please. Radiocode want to charge me 50 quid for
the privilege. I also have a Grayson 5mm LED clock which I would like to
connect up to the RCC, the nice man at Grayson said it couldn't be done but
I believe it can. There are 4 pins on the grayson clock A,B,C,D and 2 dip
switches. I can change the Grayson to DCF or MSF or several other formats. I
don't know which wire to put where at the moment. Any help would be
appreciated. TIA.

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