[ntp:questions] forwarding

Wolfgang S. Rupprecht wolfgang+gnus20050312T220407 at dailyplanet.dontspam.wsrcc.com
Sun Mar 13 06:13:46 UTC 2005

Brad Knowles <brad at stop.mail-abuse.org> writes:
> 	There's also the risk of getting into a loop between our
> mail-to-news gateway and one run by someone else.  Given how fast
> these things operate, this could result in a flood of hundreds of
> thousands or millions of messages in a single day, assuming the
> servers don't roll over and die first.  Given two rogue mail-to-news
> gateways plus ours, the growth would be exponential.

Loops are certainly an important concern, but traditionally they were
dealt with by the gateway injecting a gateway-specific header such as 
"X-Loop: XXXX".

> 	If your newsreader implemented the threading algorithm
> correctly, then by looking at the various fields within the message,
> it should be able to deal with the changes to the message-id.

My newsreader (Gnus v5.10.6) uses the "References:" header to walk up
the thread.  It asks the nntp server (in my case news.sonic.net) to
hand it the articles with the mentioned Message-Id's.  Are you saying
that mailman expects it to do something differently?  If gnus is
screwing up, I'm quite willing to fix it and submit some diffs, but I
really can't see any problems other than the message id's mentioned in
the References header not really existing on the nntp server.


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