[ntp:questions] clockvar on Palisade

Rodolfo Giometti giometti at linux.it
Fri Mar 18 23:00:05 UTC 2005


I should modify the Palisade refclock driver in order to support some
diagnostic messages to/from the Palisade Antenna.

I notice the clockvar (clock variables) and I suppose that these
variable may resolve my problem. I can use them to send/receive info
on the Antenna status to the user by using the ntpq program.

My question is: I notice the functions add_var() and set_var() to
create and set these variables but I can't understand why there is no
such get_var() function. So, when the user does the ntpq command:

   clockvar 1234 myvar = "some data"

how I can read such info in the palisade_control() function?

Thanks in advance,



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